Business Model

RiAlAiR offers the first real Electric Boat solution for professional users in sectors untouched until now, such as fishing and passenger boats up to 50 gross tons. At the core of our business model is Aluminium-Air battery technology. By moving from fossil-based fuels to our electric solution, boat owners and operators will also obtain a cleaner, safer, lighter boat with longer range autonomy.

Our subscription service will offer owners and operators a combined total of capital repayment (including interest) plus operating daily costs which will be lower than the current daily costs faced by professional boat users, which means more money in their pockets at the end of every working day… and increasingly over time.

We can achieve this through positive and active collaboration with:

    • local, established partners in each country to retrofit electric motors and batteries on existing fishing and taxi boats;
    • microcredit partners to support boat-owners and assist them with 100% of the initial capex;
    • selected suppliers of components and raw materials;
    • Fishermen and sailors organization and cooperatives.

We do not need to neither own nor lease the boats our self  as they are and remain owned by their current operators or leased by our partners.

At macro level, with the first marine solution of its kind, we create local jobs, clean up the air and water and reduce national trade deficit for those countries that currently import fuel for their fishing industry and we can enter profitable markets anywhere as our approach can be applied to millions of boats globally.